Many people from the past who have been central to my writing and teaching have motivated me for the ways in which they set out later in life on new journeys. They listened to what I call their “later vocations”–callings they heard well beyond their early adulthood.

Their stories inspire me to consider why I am sometimes slow to change. What keeps me from taking risks?

At other times they motivate me to step out and try something new. If they did, why can’t I?

I post here blogs about some of these –especially but not exclusively women.

Additionally, once a month I am posting interviews with contemporary people whom I believe have much to offer from their experiences with “later vocations.”  These started in January with Paul Green, discussing his travel to seventeen Trappist monasteries. An interview with his wife, Tina Moore, follows in February.

Do you know someone, past or present, whose journey might be of interest? I am open to suggestions! I learned about Emily Bliss Gould, a New Yorker who established an orphanage and school in Rome, for example, because an archivist pointed me to a document that referred to her. And every week it seems I run into someone whose personal path has taken several interesting turns. Do send me a message, if reading about people here causes you to think of others.