Etta enjoys taking ideas beyond the university classroom.  Whether speaking at a public venue in Missouri, a library in Tuscany, or on the streets of Rome, the subjects she considers are tailored to a group’s interests. She organizes workshops and educational trips for adults that build from topics she writes and teaches about.

Recent & Upcoming Events:

November 2021:  Talk in Springfield, MO, on American women in Italy

April 2021:  Published and Private Letters of foreign correspondent in Rome, Anne Hampton Brewster. Roundtable on Transatlantic Women’s Letter Writing of the 19th and early 20th century, British American Studies Association [Virtual] Conference.

March 2021: An interview with  author Pamela Toler, History in the Margins, and her women’s history month blog

November 2020:  Talk in Springfield, MO, on American women in Italy–CANCELLED due to COVID.

Fall 2020 & Spring 2020: Interviews with Dr. David Cornelison of STEM Spots, a feature of KSMU, the NPR affiliate in southwest Missouri.

April 2020: The Library Company of Philadelphia’s “Fireside Chats.” Anne Hampton Brewster’s reactions to quarantine and epidemics in Rome. Stream the recording through this link on YouTube or, the podcast as an audiofile on SoundCloud.

March 2020: An interview with  author Pamela Toler, History in the Margins, and her women’s history month blog, “Talking About Women’s History: Three Questions and an Answer.”

September 2019. Treacherous Thresholds in Samuel Delany’s Speculative Fiction. Italian Association of North American Studies (AISNA) Conference, Ragusa, Italy. 

July 2019. Plant Science in Gilman and Ozeki: Tendrils of Luther Burbank’s Utopianism. Utopian Studies Society (USS) Conference, Prato, Italy. 

February-March 2019:  A series of writing as therapy workshops with Deborah Cox  of Beyond Studio

Spring 2018: The Great American Read,  Emily St. John Mandel’s Station Eleven  and Cults and Intentional Communities Panel, Springfield-Greene County Library Center

Educational Trips to Italy

Etta has led workshops as well as custom-designed and thematic educational trips for adults. The last three trips focused on shifting religious practices and communal life. The last planned group trip, scheduled for June 2020, was postponed due to COVID-19. These inspirational journeys for adults grow from her teaching of university students in London, living and teaching Italian students as a William J. Fulbright scholar, and teaching American university students in Florence.

Past group trips to Italy and to England have focused on alternative communities, American Protestant pilgrims and American writers abroad.

Contact Etta if you would like to know more about a small group trip or a workshop or talk.

Other Talks & Workshops

Additional group sessions, sometimes co-led with other professionals, have included:

  • women’s roles and self-perceptions
  • food & identity
  • writing & healing
  • faith journeys
  • food & faith
  • alternative communities and sexual practices