My writing is grounded in my work as a university professor.  I have been on the faculty at Missouri State University since 1995. Most often I teach courses on American literature, utopian visions and communities, and women writers. Before Missouri State, I taught at the University of New Hampshire and as a student assistant at the University of Virginia.

Whether analyzing the letters of nineteenth-century travelers to Italy or contemporary cookbooks, addressing audiences on or off campus, I attempt to keep insights accessible and relevant to people today.

In addition to writing, I enjoy participating in public sessions that are sometimes workshops and discussions. Some of these are mentioned on my public venues page. I have led workshops as well as custom-designed and thematic educational trips for adults. The last three trips, to Italy, focused on shifting religious practices and communal life. These inspirational journeys grew from my teaching of university students in London, living and teaching Italian students as a William J. Fulbright scholar, and teaching American university students in Florence.

For more details of my professional background, check here.

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